Glowface - eBook

How long has it been since you looked at your phone or checked your emails? These simple acts are performed by millions upon millions of people numerous times each day. But the longer a person’s face is illuminated by the glow of their screen, the more at risk they are of experiencing a negative impact on their attention span, productivity, memory and mental health, and the more at risk they are of becoming addicted to their screens, of becoming a ‘glowface’.

Glowface explores the following questions: When we expose children to screens at a young age and for long periods of time, what effect does it have on their natural talents? What happens to our thought processes when we allow screens to constantly interrupt us? What is the impact on our lives when we work in careers built on distraction? What are the repercussions of electing and appointing leaders who reflect our distracted selves? As we increasingly hand our children’s education over to screen devices, is it improving educational outcomes? When we use our screen devices to store and share our memories, what is the impact on our own memory? How enriching are our digital pastimes? What are our screen devices doing to our mental health?

Our talents, thought processes, careers, leadership, education, memory, leisure time and mental health – these are just some of the things that make us who we are, and each is being eroded by screens. Each is being stolen. Glowface makes readers confront this reality and gives them a reason to start to claim them back.

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